How to order

Please e-mail me at and include:

1. A photo or a scan of the drawing

2. Your full name

3. Your country and country of shipping if different

4. Name and age of the kid

5. Size of the softie you fancy:

Small 20-25 cm

Medium 30-35 cm

Large 40-45 cm

Bigger or smaller than above are possible as well after agreement.

6. Any more details you'd like to add to help me make the softie as closely as possible

I will send you the cost and leadtime. Prices depend on complexity and details of a drawing.

I'm based in Europe but I ship worldwide!


Last project

 by Elise, age 9, England

by Emirsen, age 7, USA

 by Sarka, age 5, Czech Republic

 by Morgan, USA

 by Harper, age 8, USA

by  Andrea, Slovakia


Summer works part 2

Colorful Alien by Mitchell, Australia

A Princess with green hair by Magdalena, Germany

Reindeer by Emma from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ninja Business Man by Molly's kids, USA

Daddy's heart, Greece

T-Rex by Danner, USA

 Fluffical by Lyra, UK

Mouse by Maren, Norway


Summer projects...

A colorful doggie by Noa, age 6, Amsterdam

A robot guy by Nik, USA

A delphin by Vasiliy, age 7, Russia

Mother whale with baby whale by Maja, age 3, Germany

A red-blue kitty with heart by Ola, age 7, Poland

Princess by Laura age 4,5, Poland

Mia from "Mia and I", by Anna age 8

Green alien by Owen, age 4, Australia


Indian guy

Nele from Belgium wrote me with a question to make a special toy for her 26 y.o. boyfriend. Look what she wrote that made me agreed to create this toy from adult's drawing.

"The picture you see above is done by my boyfried. He's writing childrens' books and I want to give him an extra stimulant by giving him "the first coming alive of his books".

The character you see is his favourite of the series so thats why I chose it.
It's because it's his "life work", that it's really important that the doll is almost an exact replica of the drawing."

I liked her passion and big support for her boyfriend, not to mention I'm so ambitous person that was instantly ready to take the challenge of this difficult softie! I love how it turned out! How about you? :)

Click on photo to enlarge


Rapunzel, colorful cat, big eyes doll and a bear

Click on photo to enlarge

A big eyes doll by Marcelina, age 6, Poland

A bear by Leiyton, age 6, England
A gift for his grandmother on her 50th birthday :)

A colorful kitty by Helen, age 5,5

Rapunzel by Zuzia, age 7, Poland
It was a  birthday gift from her grandmother for whom this drawing was drawn. 


Yellow tiger and little sister's first steps

Tiger by Vasiliy, age 7, Russia

Little sister's first steps by Maja, age 4, Germany

"Zumba mom" by Berenika, age 4,5, Poland

Little sister by Tymek, age 7,5, Poland


Colorful May

Click on photo to enlarge

 by Antek, age 5
Such a creative little artist! I really like those guys.

A fairy by Matylda, age 7
That was a gift for her from her newborn sister ;)

 by Tymek, age 6,5, Poland
This is Tymek's favourite goalkeeper Casillas. He is from Spain hence obligatory Spanish flag on his back :)

 A bear by Katie, age 6
a brthday gift from her grandmother

Shiny butterfly by Lenka, age 7
Lenka likes shiny things so I was asked to use shiny yellow fabric for wings and sequins for dots. I also used fake stone in shape of heart instead of one dot. I think it looks charming.

Mr Round by Natalie, age 19
a gift from her boyfriend


What's new?

Click on photo to enlarge

Mrs Snail by Iza, age 4

Ninja by Mateo, age 7

An Angel by Susanne, age 8

Mom by Julie, age 7

Blue baby elephant by Ethan, age 7

Mroomie by Maggie, age 9

Pink doggie by Penelope, age 3,5

Purple submarine :)

Click on photo to enlarge